In the West, there’s only one law that everyone understands; that guarantees a quick and decisive verdict; and that treats all people as equals . . . and that’s the Gunman’s Law!

Not since the inception of TSR’s classic Boot Hill has there been a game that captures the flavor and deadliness of the old West likeGunman’s Law.  Carefully blending the historic with the cinematic, Gunman’s Law recreates the gunfights of the mid-to-late 1800s with an unprecedented mix of versatility and verisimilitude.

Gunman’s Law allows both the solo player and multiple players (either "versus" or cooperatively) to recreate everything from the classic one-on-one showdown in a town’s main street to deadly ambushes. Hire your gun out to farmers being pushed off their land by a local cattle baron, or go to the aid of the town’s lawman who has to ride out to where a group of stagecoach robbers are reputedly hiding.

Part board game, part RPG and great for use with miniatures, Gunman’s Law breaks new ground by using a multi-purpose Fast Action Card deck to determine everything from a shootist’s speed and accuracy, reaction to danger, damage done and effect of that damage.

Coupled with a Special Action card deck that adds both player strategy and individual tactics as well as unparalleled variety to gunfights — from the appearance of an unexpected ally to a fatal misfire — the concepts behind Gunman’s Law recreate with incredible accuracy both the pace and the heart-pounding suspense of a raging gun battle.

And while innovative techniques and playing methods make Gunman’s Law easy to play, they don’t take away any of the important and historic details necessary to make the game authentic. Weapon choice, distance from the target, cover, position, mounted or on foot, elevation — all these elements factor into the outcome of gunfights in Gunman’s Law.

Likewise, all aspects that go into the creation of both the Player Character and Non-Player Characters are present. Nine “Traits” make up each PC and NPC: from the standard speed and accuracy to nuanced characteristics like bravery and awareness.

Gunman’s Law comes with everything you need to enjoy it as either a solitary or multi-player game. Pre-generated NPCs ranging from basic cowboys to rated famous historic gunman are included along with over a half-dozen scenarios that help familiarize the players with the extensive set of rules. Counters, player aids, floor plans, multiple card decks (almost 200 cards in all) and more make Gunman’s Law the new standard for recreating Wild West gunfights.

Stand side-by-side with Hickcok, Earp and Masterson in an attempt to bring order to a lawless land. Ride with Billy the Kid, Bass Outlaw or Clay Allison and walk away from no man. Or better yet, create your own legend, walk your own path and practice your own version of . . . Gunman’s Law!