Track down the galaxy’s most wanted as a gunslinging Bounty Hunter in this space opera tabletop roleplaying game

You are a Bounty Hunter, sworn to hunt the wicked, keep the peace, and prevent the ire and retribution of your people's master.

Three sentient species live under the terrifying rule of the Archon - an incomprehensibly powerful organism capable of consuming stars. All civilizations that have expanded beyond their system must face the Great Filter's crucible and be judged. Only three have been deemed fit to avoid extinction.

As a Hunter, you've been entrusted with meting retribution upon the corrupt and the vile. Keep your guns loaded, your blades sharp, and your insight keen, or else risk the Archon's calamitous judgment upon us all. 

Hunt the Wicked is a tabletop roleplaying game focusing on Bounty Hunters: peacekeepers, gunslingers, saviors, and assassins, the heroes and mercenaries that go after the bad guys. They're here to save the galaxy, and make a profit while doing it.

Inspired by Blade Runner, Saga, Cowboy Bebop, Star Wars, Mass Effect, Guardians of the Galaxy, Steve Perry's Matador series, and a whole heap of Westerns.


Why play Hunt the Wicked? The game has been specifically designed to play hardcore bounty hunters driven by personal motivation. You get to save the galaxy (with swords and guns), take out bad guys, ride FTL space-trains, and earn a fat paycheck. I've never had more fun writing - or playing - an RPG.

Primary Design Focus: Playing manhunters whose motivation matters in an expansive, fun, space opera setting.

Setting Highlights: Humanity and two other species (bizarre amphibians and digital sentients) have to work together to keep society under control, or risk sudden and complete annihilation from the ire of their God Machine incarnate. Bounty Hunters are the cheap, low-impact tool to keep the Archon dormant.

System Focus: The characters' competence is bolstered by interacting with their Motivations and pursuing dangerous quarries. The gameplay integrates with the narrative, guides character action, and forces the players to make difficult decisions.

Game Format: The game is a DRM-free PDF. It's around 260 6x9" pages, professionally edited, laid out, and illustrated in full color.