KAP is innovative not just for the breadth of story and content, but for its elegant game system as well. The system is highlighted by an innovative traits and passions system that helps a player determine his character’s behavior, even if it’s sometimes against the better judgment of both player and character! Emotions ran strong among many of the figures from these legendary times – witness Lancelot and Guinevere’s betrayal of their beloved liege and husband – and so a player may find his character submitting to passions beyond his control as well.

Nocturnal Media is proud to be the publisher of this classic roleplaying game about the timeless stories that are at the heart of Western Literature. The storytelling, artistic vision and innovative game design that are the hallmarks of King Arthur Pendragon are precisely what Nocturnal is all about.

King Arthur Pendragon (KAP) is a paper roleplaying game designed by Greg Stafford and first published in 1985. In 2007 the game was admitted to the GAMA Hall of Fame. GAMA (Game Manufacturers’ Association) is the professional trade organization for the hobby game industry. KAP has been in print continuously for 25 years, most recently in an updated 5th edition by Nocturnal Media in 2010. We call it Edition 5.1. 

Greg Stafford is an award-winning game designer with numerous critical and fan favorites to his credit, but he considers KAP to be his crowning achievement. The game is intensely story-based and allows players to participate in a complete 85-year saga that begins before the birth of King Arthur and concludes in the years after the fall of Camelot. Players assume the roles of their graves, players will conclude the sprawling saga telling stories of their original characters’ grandchildren.