Perseverant is a tabletop roleplaying game about the struggle to survive in a brutal wilderness.

To start, players collaborate to create the Wilderness, its significant locales and deadly challenges, how their characters are connected, and why they traverse this hellish landscape.

Throughout play, the characters will confront both the Wilderness and each other, haunted by the grim specter of betrayal and sacrifice. It’s unlikely that everyone will survive.

The game works with any kind of setting–from the arid Silk Road to the vastness of space–so long as there are people determined to pass through an inhospitable environment.

Perseverant is designed to create an entire story in a single session lasting two to four hours, and supports between two and five players. Since it’s a collaborative story game, it doesn’t require a GM or any preparation; you’ll start creating your desperate journey as soon as you sit down to play.