Gunman’s Law (complete printed game)

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Gunman’s Law (complete printed game)


In the West, there’s only one law that everyone understands; that guarantees a quick and decisive verdict; and that treats all people as equals . . . and that’s the Gunman’s Law!

Not since the inception of TSR’s classic Boot Hill has there been a game that captures the flavor and deadliness of the old West like Gunman’s Law.  Carefully blending the historic with the cinematic, Gunman’s Law recreates the gunfights of the mid-to-late 1800s with an unprecedented mix of versatility and verisimilitude.

Gunman’s Law allows both the solo player and multiple players (either "versus" or cooperatively) to recreate everything from the classic one-on-one showdown in a town’s main street to deadly ambushes. Hire your gun out to farmers being pushed off their land by a local cattle baron, or go to the aid of the town’s lawman who has to ride out to where a group of stagecoach robbers are reputedly hiding.

Part board game, part RPG and great for use with miniatures, Gunman’s Law breaks new ground by using a multi-purpose Fast Action Card deck to determine everything from a shootist’s speed and accuracy, reaction to danger, damage done and effect of that damage.

The complete printed Gunman’s Law contains the following:


    * 80-page color rulebook

    * 199 poker-sized cards (details below)

    * Six 6"x6” sheets of ready-to-cut

    * Six 12”x18” poster maps for the included scenarios

The 199 cards of Gunman's Law are divided into the following decks:

100 Cards form the core of gameplay. This is the Fast Action Deck. These cards allow Gunman's Law to be played diceless! Flipping one or two cards will generate all the information you need to resolve any action in the game, inclkuding whether a gunshot is a hit or a miss, the location of a hit, and the damage caused!

50 Cards in the Special Action Deck. These are special effect rules cards that are given to players at the start of a gunfight. They account for the fortune (for good or ill!) that can turn a shootout against even the best gunman. From lucky shots, to extra shots, to packs of feral dogs that get in the way, these cards will keep everyone guessing.

20 Cards in the Famous Gunmen Deck. Game stats for the Earp brothers, Doc Holliday, Billy the Kid, Apache Kid and more.

21 Cards in the Player Card Deck. Complete stats for an assortment of pre-made PC characters, plus one blank card for your own use.

8 Cards in the Tactics Deck. These card provide game rules for various tactices available to your gunman, including aimed shots and gun fanning.

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