King Arthur Pendragon: 5th Edition

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KAP Pendragon 5th.jpg

King Arthur Pendragon: 5th Edition


ENnie Nominee
Best Art, Cover
Best Game Honourable Mention

For the Glory of Camelot

Britain is in ruins as lords and chieftains fight for supremacy. From this chaos will rise Arthur and a golden age of chivalry and wonder - and a dark time of betrayal and bloodshed. Take the role of a knight at court and make a name for yourself. Can you save Camelot? Will you make your own legend?

An Epic Roleplaying Game in King Arthur's Britain.

* A new edition of the classic roleplaying game, undertaken by Hall of Fame game designer Greg Stafford.

* A complete roleplaying game of Arthurian adventure and glory - players portray knights who grow in power and reputation. Play sessions occur between winter seasons of character "downtime" meaning a campaign can span the entirety of the Arthurian era.

* Provides details on the five distinct periods within the Arthurian era - from before Arthur's birth to the fall of Camelot - allowing for many different campaigns and true epics. Players will tell the stories of three generations of characters - assuming their knights survive the brutal realities of feudal life.

* Maintains the much-loved game mechanic, with its emphasis on passion traits and detailed life events.

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